The Devil’s little dragon – Berlin’s forgotten view point

Struggling to find what to do on a hot summer’s day? Don’t wish to shelter below the shade of a späti, or hide from it in a museum, then embrace it at Berlin’s best hidden viewing spot.

The climb is briefly steep but the views are worth it. From on top the Drachen (dragon) Berg you can cast your eyes across the city of Berlin, taking in both the west’s Funkturm (Radio Tower) and the Fernsehturm (TV tower) of the east. Behind you also stands Teufelsberg (Devil’s hill) the bigger brother of the Drachenberg.

Both of these hills share something in common, they’re both made from the rubble of the destroyed city of Berlin had at the end of the Second World War. So as you climb you walk on the rubble of apartment buildings, wine halls and department stores. Climbing the Drachenberg over Teufelsberg has the benefit on a flat plateau free from trees so the view ahead spreads across the city of Berlin.

The Drachenberg also is one of the very few points within Berlin that provides you with a full panorama of Berlin. You can not only see the Funkturm, the Fernsehturm but also the victory column in one view. Whilst the TV tower will cost €21.50, the Funkturm €6 and the Victory Column €3, the Drachenberg is free! Yes it is free! Therefore it must be one of the best free things to do in Berlin during your visit. So during your next excursion to Berlin, be sure to put a visit to the Drachenberg on your list of things to do!

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