Where to eat in Berlin this Christmas.

Christmas is almost here. It’s the time of year to stuff one’s self with feasts of the season and delight in the company of friends and family. So follow The Berlin Tour Guide’s guide of where to eat in Berlin this Christmas.

Christmas feasts have been a tradition for many families for many years. Each family forming their traditions just as different nations celebrate on different days or with different food. In Berlin, as it is in Germany, this is no different.

First of all, there are different celebratory days. The night of the 5th is St. Nicolas’ day. This is the night where children polish their shoes and leave them outside to awaken the next day to find treats stored within. Secondly, Christmas is not celebrated on the 25th but rather on the 24th Christmas eve. This is the evening where the children are sent from the bare living rooms and summoned to return a short while later by the ringing of a bell. Upon their return, they’ll find the Christmas tree decorated and a feast laid before their eyes. And finally, it’s not a Christmas turkey but a Christmas goose.

Christmas is a popular time to visit Berlin because of the Christmas Markets or Weihnachtsmarkts, but also because of the food. However, it is worth noting that this is a busy time so it’s worth doing some preparation and certainly booking a table in advance. So follow our guide, where we’ll look at traditional, modern and different restaurants for you to enjoy a Christmas feast this holiday season.

Traditional - Marjellchen 

This is a favourite. Marjellchen is a traditional East Prussian restaurant. What is East Prussia? It was the area that is now the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and the northeastern portion of Poland. It was a German province until the end of the Second World War.

This charming restaurant is still family-run after having been open for many years. Inside you’ll find black and white photographs of the old cities of East Prussia before their destruction in the war, a warm atmosphere, and if the lady of the house is present, a fabulous personality. 

The food is wholesome, heavy and delicious. Traditional dishes that go beyond a typical schnitzel often served as ‘the German dish.’ You’ll find beef marinated in red wine, sausage boards, lambs fillet and vegetarian options of course as well. But it’s Christmas so you’ll want to order the goose served with three different types of cabbage. It’ll warm you, fill you and give you the energy to wander the blustery streets of Berlin. 

Top tips: 

  1. Book in advance (most important, the restaurant is very small).
  2. Order the traditional Königsberg Baumkuchen as a desert.   
  3. Round dinner off with a traditional Danziger Goldwasser schnapps. 

Traditional - Lutter und Wegner, Gendarmenmarkt Weihnachtsmarkt

Contact: Central reservations Lutter&Wegner
Phone: (030) 20 29 54 – 0 or (030) 20 29 54 710 (from Nov. 26.)
Email: reservierung@l-w-berlin.de
Webseite: www.laggner-gruppe.de

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Imagine this space filled with everything you love about Christmas

Lutter und Wegner has been a historic food institution since 1811 in Berlin. The original restaurant was frequented by Otto von Bismarck, King Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Kaiser Wilhelm I, Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich. However, the original building was destroyed during the war. Today the restaurant operates from a fixed establishment on Charlottenstraße. Although, every year on the Gendarmenmarkt Weihnachtsmarkt they open a special little establishment. 

The Lütter und Wegner Christmas Cottage is a charming little affair. It’s situated within Berlin’s most beautiful Christmas market and looks out onto the impressive Christmas tree. Inside you can delight in the traditional German-Austrian food of Schnitzel, Sauerbraten or crispy Duck. Lütter und Wegner are also experts in wine so be sure to ask your Kellner (waiter) for a recommendation. 

Top tips

  1. Book, email reservierung@l-w-berlin.de to book your seat. 
  2. Order the duck. 
  3. Enjoy the Christmas market on Gendarmenmarkt as well.

Vegetarian - Cookies Cream

Locally sourced food. Fusion dishes. Discreet location. Cocktails and wine. What more could you want?

Cookies Cream has been going now since 2007 when they became the leader in fine vegetarian cuisine in Berlin. Hidden between the Kömisches Oper and the Westin Grand hotel, you must delve down a service alley to discover this remarkable restaurant. 

The food is seasonal. The dishes constantly changing to reflect the developing seasons and they give their chefs room to experiment and to grow. Wintery dishes can be paired with full-bodied red wines in an ever changing menu. You’ll be able to choose from a 3, 4 or even 5 course menu with optional drinks pairing (alcoholic and non options) at this hidden gem.

Top tips

  1. You can book on the website directly cookiescream.com 
  2. Check the menu on the website, it is always changing. 
  3. Enjoy a cocktail in the Drayton Bar speakeasy afterwards.

The Spectacle - Käfer

Situated on top of the German parliament building the Reichstagsgebäude is the roof terrace restaurant Käfer. 

As the parliament building itself was, the restaurant was also designed by famous British architect Norman Foster. From the restaurant’s plate-glass side you’ll be able to gaze across Berlin at Christmas time. The restaurant has an open galley so you’ll witness the chefs prepare your wonderful dishes, dishes which fuse modern and traditional together. 

Delight in fjord trout and beetroot, roasted cauliflower soup, or be amazed at what the chefs can do with the simple carrot. It’s a wonderful dinner and the view of Berlin is the show. 

Top tips

  1. Book, YOU HAVE TO! Book online, print off your reservation and most importantly bring your ID. 
  2. Take advantage of the Reichstags Dome 
  3. Dress warm, it is cold on the roof of the Reichstag even if the restaurant is warm. 
Reichstag building Berlin

Street Food - Markthalle Neun

If you don’t want to do the traditional wine and dine experience and you want to get a real feel for the energy of Berlin at Christmas this is the option for you.

Markthalle Neun is one of Berlin’s original market halls. Today it changes its use through the week based on different events held within it’s cast iron and glass hall. However, on Friday’s and Saturdays, starting at the end of November and running until the final weekend before Christmas it becomes a Merry Market.

Entry is free and inside you’ll be able to munch on products locally made, from roasted almonds to cinnamon buns and biscuits. If you wish to eat something more substantial the food stands will be serving out traditional meals, what exactly? You’ll have to go along to see. After you’ve ordered your food, sit amongst locals and enjoy a fine wine or craft beer and soak in the festive cheer. 

Top tips

  1. Wrap up warm. 
  2. Be patient, it can be busy. 
  3. Check the website (https://markthalleneun.de/kalender/merry-markthalle/10960/) for exact dates and times. 

What now?

So with this little list, that you’ll hopefully be checking twice we hope we have solved for you where to eat in Berlin this Christmas. We hope you enjoy Berlin and if you want to learn more about Christmas in Berlin and explore some of the Christmas markets book a Christmas Market Tour with The Berlin Tour Guide. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to learn of the latest offers and tours with The Berlin Tour Guide.