Berlin Christmas Shopping Guide

Discover the best places in Berlin this Christmas to do your Christmas shopping. From decorations for the tree to gifts to place under it. This is our list of the places to craft or purchase the things that will make your Christmas at home a little more special. Sit back relax and enjoy our Berlin Christmas Shopping Guide.


Everyone is guilty of the Christmas procrastination, even if we try to deny it to ourselves or those around us. Christmas can be a stressful time of the year and as such we often put off many of the tasks that we should have prepared for many months in advance. Whether it is the finding that special thing for Aunt Annie, or choosing the bottle of Scotch your father hasn’t already got, Christmas is stressful. So with this shopping guide, we want to help make your shopping experience whilst in Berlin all the more easier, whilst also making sure you have a great time whilst doing your shopping.


Department store in the sun
KaDeWe department store Berlin

The Kauf Haus Des Westens (KaDeWe) is Berlin’s premier department store. A magnificent building that in one iteration or another dates back to pre World War One. It’s Berlin’s answer to Harrods of London or Macy’s in New York. Five floors of shopping, from the finest of luxury brands to exquisite foods.

From the 1st of December through to the 24th KaDeWe will be putting on a wonderful program for all. Venture to the 4th floor and discover the department store’s very own Christmas market. Here, within this wintery grotto purchase traditional and boutique gifts, decorations and trinkets to make your Christmas feel gemütlich (cosy).

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday (KaDeWe is open on Sunday 2nd, 9th and 23rd) be treated to live Piano performances of the classic Christmas carols. Purchase a flacon of perfume for that special someone and have it engraved with your message (Saturdays and Sunday 9th & 23rd).

Travelling with your young family? Visit Santa Claus also on the 4th floor where he’ll be handing out small surprises. And take the fuss out of wrapping with KaDeWe’s gift wrapping service on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.

After you’ve enjoyed your shopping experience, your presents are wrapped and the children have met Santa Claus himself, venture to the 6th floor. This is our top tip for KaDeWe. On the 6th floor, you’ll find the wondrous food hall. Sit around miniature restaurants and eat the delights of the food of the world. Walk amongst the bottles of wine, Champagne, brandy, whiskey of the finest varieties. Here if you are stuck in your choosing ask the helpful staff for advice. Our recommendation, put your feet up, go to the Budweiser Bar. Enjoy a refreshing Pilsner and gaze through the window onto a Berlin that will sparkle with Christmas lights.

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No Berlin Christmas shopping guide would be complete without at least one. The Christmas Markets of Berlin are a staple of the festive season in the city. The smell of Glühwein will float from the wooden shacks down the Allees and Straßes of Berlin. Berlin hosts officially 60 Christmas Markets so which one do you choose?

Our recommendation to enjoy the festive cheer and to purchase those special presents is Gendarmenmarkt.

Hosted in arguably the most beautiful square in the city Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market breaks from the wooden huts and rather boats beautiful white tents some small and some large. Within the larger heated tents, you’ll find bars, restaurants and craft shops. The craft shops display the best of what Berlin’s craftspeople have to offer. Personalised belts and bags, handmade clothes of Alpaca wool, glassworks, photography and paintings can all be purchased within.

In the smaller stalls discover unique Christmas ornaments both traditional and of pop culture, incense burners shaped like Bavarian houses, and sugary delights.

Our top tip here is to enjoy your time. It can be busy, but take it easy, savour the moment. Grab a glühwein, stand before the stage as music, dance and theatre is performed, and eat a bratwurst all whilst soaking in the festive cheer.


If you are looking for some local Berlin delicacies to bring home as both presents and souvenirs of your time in Berlin, then look no further. 

You’ll find EAT BERLIN in the Hackesche Höfe in the Jewish quarter of Berlin’s Mitte. Placed within the wonderful courtyards of the Hackesche Höfe EAT BERLIN is a delightful shop where you’ll be able to find the intoxicating treats manufactured within the city of Berlin. From hot sauces for those who enjoy the pleasures of spice, to Vodka and Gin. You’ll be able to buy mustards for your wurst or to have in your coffee like Frederick the Great once enjoyed. Treat a loved one, (or yourself) to their special dressing, special day for special people that contains flakes of edible gold within. 

After you’ve taken the time to enjoy EAT BERLIN, have a wander through the beautiful Jewish Quarter of Berlin. Discover it’s history, and wander to Clärchens Ballhaus on Auguststraße for a taste of 1920s Berlin. 


The Erzgebirgshaus offers traditional wooden Christmas gifts and decorations.

Whilst the name Erzgebirgshaus probably doesn’t immediately scream Christmas to you there is little more Christmassy than their wears. The name Erzgebirge means Ore Mountains. They’re the mountains that form the border between the German state of Saxony with the Czech Republic. An area steeped in mining tradition for many centuries but turned its skills to wooden crafts when mining began to decline. The Erzgebirgshaus now offers the finest of the wooden products produced in this region.

Inside you’ll find candle arches, smoking figurines for incense and most famously the Nutcracker. It’s an image most will know. The wooden soldier with grizzly beard and hair, with the large mouth into which you place a nut, and promptly crack it. They are a symbol of Christmas, and with various sizes, you’ll find one to your liking and to fit your luggage capacity.

The shop is located on Friedrichstraße, the main north-south boulevard of Berlin. After visiting the shop you can stroll to Gendarmenmarkt for more Christmas flair, or stop for a spot of lunch at Luttner & Wegner or Borchardt, both being within walking distance.

A nut cracker stands in front of a christmas tree


Rausch is one of Berlin’s finest chocolatiers. Steeped in tradition the Rausch family have been producing chocolate goods for over a hundred years.

You’ll find their shop on the corner of Charlottenstraße and Mohrenstraße. Inside the display of chocolate is a treat for the eyes. Bubbling fountains of molten chocolate ooze from a chocolate volcano. You’ll see a 300KG Chocolate version of the Brandenburg Gate as well as the Reichstag and TV tower.

During the festive period, Rausch also produces festive themed treats. From advent calendars, baubles laden with chocolate treasures hidden inside, to selection boxes beautifully presented. Visit Rausch to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Once you’ve purchased the difficult to resist goods head upstairs. This is our top tip for Rausch. Upstairs in the cafe, you can take a window seat look out onto the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market and enjoy the deliciously sweet hot chocolate to blow away the winter’s chill.

These are our top tips to enjoy Berlin this Christmas and to prepare for Christmas with wonderful gifts whilst also enjoying this magnificent city.

We hope from our Berlin Christmas Shopping Guide your christmas will be merry with festive cheer. We hope you enjoy Berlin and if you want to learn more about Christmas in Berlin and explore some of the Christmas markets book a Christmas Market Tour with The Berlin Tour Guide. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to learn of the latest offers and tours with The Berlin Tour Guide.