Berlin Twenties Tour

The essence of glitz and glamour, Berlin in the 1920s was the party capital of the world. With bars, clubs and decadence awaiting on every corner Berlin attracted some of the world’s leading lights to its streets.

Journey back in time and discover the forgotten stories of Berlin in the 1920s. From the dance halls and bars, to gangsters and film stars, to streets draped in political revolution and explore the inspiration for authors who created characters like, Gareon Rath and Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther in the city that is re-embodied in our current verisimilitude of Babylon.

On this Berlin 1920s Tour you’ll discover;

  • The Spartacus Revolution
  • Haus Vaterland
  • Film Palaces and Film Stars
  • The Bauhaus Movement
  • Red Berlin
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image courtesy Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg Staatsarchiv Freiburg W 134 Nr. 001497 Bild 1 (5-94486-1)