Cold War Berlin Tour

No other city has been through what Berlin has. Berlin as a result of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist regime was torn apart, ripped down the middle by the victorious allies and shared by communism and capitalism, that was until the symbol of the cold war, the Berlin Wall came crashing down.

Journey through this cold war history and investigate the spy and espionage dramas that unfolded, how a crisis on a Berlin street almost began the third world war that would have spelt death and destruction for this earth, and how one man’s simple mistake would cause the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On this 3 hour Cold War Berlin Tour discover;

  • The Berlin Wall
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Stalin Allee
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Marx and Engels Forum
  • East Berlin State Council
  • Escape Tunnels and Stories
  • and more…
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