Jewish Tour of Berlin

For most of the history of the Jewish peoples their lives have been transient, but more often than not, their transient nature was not one of their own desires. Pharaohs have cast them aside, empires hunted them, Babylonians imprisoned them, pogroms persecuted them. Their paths have ridden the tumultuous waves of history.

Journey through this tumultuous history and explore the old Jewish quarter of Berlin with its hidden courtyards and histories that tell the story of a people in this city; how great Jewish people befriended King and Kaiser, reformed a faith, built memorials and places of worship which were the envy of the world, and how a regime spelt downfall, with tens of thousands fleeing or murdered and learn how a city of 8,000 Jewish people today reflects, treats, and educates on its past.

On the Jewish Tour of Berlin discover;

  • Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe
  • Jewish District
  • Hackerscher Markt
  • Rosenstraße Memorial
  • New Synagogue
  • Otto Weidt’s blind workshop
  • Jewish Girls School
  • Kristallnacht Memorial
  • and more…
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