Bespoke Private Tours of Potsdam

The Foley of Kings and Emperors

Potsdam: The foley of Kings and Emperors, who created a city that boasts more palaces than Versailles and a history just as rich. Palaces were built which embodied in just twelve rooms the spirit of Rococo, palaces that became a sign of strength and power where declarations of war would be signed and wars symbolically ended.

Journey through the quaint streets, luscious parks and explore the stories that made a small provincial town outside of Berlin became the centre of western politics in 1945.

On this 6 hour tour discover;

  • Sanssouci Palace and Gardens
  • Neu Palais
  • Potsdam City Centre
  • Dutch Quarter
  • Cecilienhof
  • Neu Gartens
  • Potsdam’s Brandenburger Tor
  • Friedenkirche
  • and more…
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Spies and Bridges

With the end of World War Two, Europe hoped it was heading on a pathway to peace, but no sooner than the Red Flag was raised over the Reichstag, a new period descended down on a continent ravaged by war.

The Potsdam conference, held in the Cecilienhof Palace, drew lines across Europe, nations were divided and an Iron Curtain drew down separating the Soviet eastern sphere of influence from the west. West Berlin stood as an island surrounded by a sea of communism yet on its borders lay Potsdam. A city, of secrecy, spying, drama and prisons.

On this 4 hour tour discover;

  • The Potsdam Conference
  • The Bridge of Spies
  • East-West Border Post
  • NKVD Prison
  • Spy Stations
  • The Berlin Wall
  • and more…
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