The Third Reich Berlin Tour

There have been few political movements in history that have brought about so much death, destruction and murder like that of the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. A party, that in twelve years in power would leave Europe in ashes.

Leave no stone unturned in a journey that will go from the roots of the National Socialist movement, to how Hitler would gain and consolidate power, to the buildings built to overshadow and impress. Examine how Joseph Goebbels, as minister of Propaganda, would control information and how a nation would embark on a path that would result in genocide, and visit the site where the dictator, Adolf Hitler, would draw his final breaths as Berlin lay burning around him.

On this 3 hour Third Reich Berlin Tour discover;

  • The Reichstag
  • Hitler’s Bunker
  • Jewish Memorial
  • Goebbel’s Propaganda Ministry
  • Topography of Terror
  • Luftwaffe Headquarters
  • Nazi Escape Routes
  • Welthauptstadt Germania
  • and more…
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