The Watcher

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Berlin in August 1929, and even though the nation may be still reeling from the effects of the war, its government in constant negotiations with its former enemies, Berlin is alive. A cosmopolitan metropolis, known as Welthauptstadt Berlin, swarms with the worldly middle class that are flocking to Berlin’s boarding houses and streets to experience the a city of vice. The fever of Berlin grips America its singing acts travelling across the Atlantic to perform, newspapers proudly print in the headlines “The Revelers are in Berlin” the famous Jazz singers play the Scala. Writers and critics attend dance halls and movie premiers, names of Dietrich and Riefenstahl, actress’ on the cusp of their breakout, appear on film posters outside the numerous film palaces and Max Reinhardt pulls the strings of the theatres in a city known across the world for its variety of entertainment.

However, whilst Kestner sits scribbling on Praguer Platz, Max Hansen entertains on stage and on radio, and the wealthy of other nations seek to find solace in the vice and bright lights that Berlin has on offers, Berlin remains a city in flux. The growing influence of a city, to which only London was larger within Europe, was drawing on many of the peoples of the Reich who sought stability and employment. Thousands arrive weekly from all corners of Germany, and Berlin became a city where it was common to hear the question posed “have you ever met anyone from Berlin?” It was a city of strangers.

With a city growing, and the bright lights dimmed, the cold light of day reveals the other side of the Babylon Berlin.

Achtung! Achtung! Hier ist die Sendestelle Berlin , im Voxhaus, Mein damen und Herren, ein Elf jähriges Schulmädchen wird vermisst!

An eleven year old school girl goes missing in a crime that shook not only the safe heaven of the Reichsbank community of Neu Westend but also a city. With no clues to her disappearance fingers are soon pointed and Berlin’s infamous Kriminal Police are tasked with piecing together just what had happened to a bright and spirited young girl well known amongst her community who vanished without a trace.

In this new Achtung! History Podcast Series “The Watcher” listen to Simon J. James’ meticulous research of the case and his piecing together of the Police files, newspapers and records to uncover one of the true stories of the city that defined the 1920s.

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