Private Tour of Berlin

Curated tours designed to make the most of your time in Berlin

Whether you’re curious to learn the story of the Berlin Wall, Berlin’s Jewish past, Hitler’s Third Reich or the city’s architecture throughout the ages, The Berlin Tour Guide’s curated tours will leave you with a nuanced appreciation for the city’s unique backstory.

Below you’ll find an overview of the curated tours we offer. See what takes your fancy, and if you’ve got something else in mind don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you make the most of your visit to Berlin.  

Berlin Highlights Tour

On this tour, we’ll get to the bottom as to why Berlin was at the centre of many of Europe’s biggest political and historical moments. In the 20th century alone, the city went through periods of imperialism, fascism, political division and reunification. Today, it’s considered one of Europe’s most exciting and bohemian cities. By the end of this tour, you’ll be able to appreciate exactly how and why Berlin is the city it is today.

This tour is ideally suited for those visiting the city for just a few days - we’ll take in a lot of famous sights and landmarks.

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Jewish Tour of Berlin

Explore the history of the Jewish people in Berlin. You’ll learn how, upon invitation to resettle in Berlin, they rebuilt a city after the horrors of the Thirty Years’ War. By exploring the wonderful labyrinth of the Jewish district, you’ll get an appreciation for how one of the first reformed Jewish communities was created and find out how Jewish architects saved the city from tuberculosis.

We’ll also tackle the dark side of life for Jewish people in Berlin. We’ll get to grips with how and why Hitler’s Third Reich, over a 12 year period, were able to systematically destroy Jewish life in Berlin and throughout Europe.

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The Third Reich Berlin Tour

The complete history of Hitler’s Third Reich

On this tour, you’ll start from the beginning, learning everything about the events that lead to the National Socialists taking power in Germany. You’ll get a glimpse of Hitler’s vision for Berlin as Germania, the ‘capital of the world’, and you’ll also visit the propaganda ministry from where Joseph Goebbels would spread lies and deceit to the German people. See where Göring commanded the Luftwaffe from, where the London Blitz was ordered. Finally, you’ll get to see the location where Hitler drew his final breaths as Berlin burned around him.

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Cold War Berlin Tour

World War II left Berlin a smouldering ruin and no sooner had the war come to an end tensions between the former western allies and the Soviet Union started to show.

On this tour, we’ll follow the path of the Berlin Wall through the city centre. We’ll explore what lead to the wall being built and the architectural and cultural differences that developed on either side. We’ll examine how different life was in the east and west of Berlin, and how the ‘Stasi’ security agency controlled its citizens in the east. We’ll end the tour by looking at how Berlin has handled reunification and what the future of the city looks like.

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The Golden Twenties

Discover the Berlin of the 1920s. A city of the world, where the streets shone in darkest night with the brightest lights attracted writer, artist, theatre and movie star from all four corners of the earth. A time remembered for parties and cabarets that continued through the week.

On this tour you'll see the remaining sites of 1920s Berlin, discover how authors have immortalised the Berlin that became known as a Babylon, and understand that Berlin wasn't just a city of glitz of glamour but a city gripped by rising tensions between the establishment and the revolutionaries.

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Kings and Kaisers

On this tour, you’ll rediscover Prussia and learn about its history and relationship with the arts and sciences.

You’ll find out how a nation that nearly gave in to Napoleon arose as a kingdom with a constitution that provided for all. We’ll examine how Frederick the Great gifted music and the potato to Berlin, and how the Humboldts would go on to create a kingdom at the forefront of education and enlightenment, effectively laying a foundation for the great minds of Plank, Marx, and Einstein. Finally discover how a Kingdom grew to rule an Empire, the King becoming Kaiser, and how that Empire fell.

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Museum Island

Though victorious, years of fighting against Napoleon had resulted in Prussia struggling financially. The King knew his starving and war weary people were ready for revolution. The solution, become a King for the people build museums and public spaces rather than palaces and royal courts. The result, Museum Island.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Museum Island boasts five museums designed by world class architects, displaying treasures from Babylon, Rome, Greece and Egypt. This tour will recall how the island came into fruition, and the nature and purpose of the museums that can be found.

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Discover Potsdam, the folly of kings and emperors, a beautiful city that boasts more palaces than Versailles. These palaces, set in the beautiful parks of Sanssouci and the Neuer Gartens, became a symbol of strength and power, and are places where war was both declared and ended.

Or discover how Berlin and Potsdam became the centre of espionage and deception, stories of spy trades famous and forgotten, see the political prisons where dissidents were stolen away, tortured and disappeared and the palace where the divide all began.

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